I am focused on ways I can use my skills and experience in tech startups to have a planet positive impact. 

That takes a variety of shapes from informally mentoring startups and founders at the outset of their ventures, to formally advising and/or consulting with startups where I can be particularly helpful - fundraising, strategy, BD, partnerships, marketing, communications, M&A. 

I prefer working with environmentally minded/mission driven companies, but am open to good ol' social impact, too.


After cofounding, building, and selling Shelby.tv to Samsung Research America, I spent one year there honoring my commitment as Senior Manager of Business Development.  Before that, I was the cofounder/CEO of HomeField. Before that, I worked in film/TV/media production at a small production house and on a big Hollywood film. I got my start in video/digital media at Brown University where I studied Art Semiotics in the Modern Culture & Media department.

Way back

I’m originally from Falmouth, MA, a quiet seaside tourist town on Cape Cod, and I grew up in our family restaurant business. Through this, I learned a lot about hard work, customer service, community building, personnel management, and creating something from nothing.

I’m known as being a tenacious hustler-type, but I’m really an anything but prototypical, probably goofier than you’d expect, non-technical cofounder guy who is just lucky to work and be friends with a lot of really smart people while trying to put a dent in the universe, and writing run-on sentences.

Love adventure, surf, snow, travel, nature, photography, and the many wonders of this fascinating planet. 

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