This is a bio.



I don’t speak in the third person, so I’m not going to write about myself that way. That’d be weird.

While I generally can’t stand how most people answer the question “What do you do?” with their current employment, for a long time that was actually a perfect response for me. I was, until recently, the founder of a venture-backed tech startup, the best way to discover and enjoy video. 

All I did was, well, that. 

For better or worse, that existential mirage no longer exists.

After a year in corporate America working on a confidential TV project at Samsung, I left for an extended sabbatical from my career, from technology and startups, from being 'always on.' Since then I have traveled to 17 new countries, volunteered in Chile and Peru, studied ocean plastic pollution, mentored young entrepreneurs in South Africa, sailed from the Caribbean to New England, and found waves to surf wherever I could.

If your question is, "What do [I get paid to] do?" then here goes:

Before I was the cofounder/CEO of HomeField, a SaaS video platform for athletics. Before that, I was a professional athlete (thus the need to build HomeField). Before that, I worked as an assistant editor in television, and later as Bobby Farrelly’s assistant on “The Heartbreak Kid.” I got my start in video/digital media at Brown University where I studied in the Modern Culture & Media department.

I’m originally from Falmouth, MA, a quiet seaside tourist town on Cape Cod and I grew up in the family restaurant business, through which I learned everything about hard work, customer relationships, community building, personnel management, and creating value from scratch.

I’m known as being a tenacious hustler-type, but I’m really an anything but prototypical, probably goofier than you’d expect, non-technical cofounder guy who is just lucky to work and be friends with a lot of really smart people while trying to put a dent in the universe, and writing run-on sentences.

Love adventure, surf, snow, travel, nature, art, and the many wonders of this fascinating planet. 

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