I am on a mission to protect our one ocean.

Yes. I said “one” ocean, because the ocean, the environment, the challenges it faces, are all connected.

I’m extremely fortunate that my personal mission is aligned with my profession, and am honored to serve as the Executive Director for WSL PURE, the World Surf League’s nonprofit focused on ocean conservation.

Furthermore, I’m lucky that my greatest passion is surfing, and my career experience is as a generalist builder, getting things off the ground, as PURE still is.


After cofounding, building, and selling Shelby.tv (a consumer video discovery app) to Samsung Research America, I spent one year there honoring my commitment as Senior Manager of Business Development. Before that, I was the cofounder/CEO of HomeField - a SaaS video coaching platform for coaches and athletes. Before that, I worked in film/TV/media production at a small production house and on a big Hollywood film. I got my start in video/digital media at Brown University where I studied Art Semiotics in the Modern Culture & Media department.

Along the way, I've spent lots of time volunteering with Surfrider Foundation, The 5 Gyres Institute, Conservaçion Patagonica, WAVES For Development, and more. 

I'm also an avid traveler, and have been to ~47 different countries. Many of my adventures are available on anneliseandreece.surf, which I cowrite with my incredible partner, Annie. 

Way back

I’m originally from Falmouth, MA, a quiet seaside tourist town on Cape Cod, and I grew up in our family restaurant business. Through this, I learned a lot about hard work, customer service, community building, personnel management, and creating something from nothing.

A successful guy I respect once dubbed me “tenacious.” I’m also described as “intense.” Those are fair descriptors, but I’m also almost certainly goofier than you’d expect, and beneath the beard and my stern brow, I’m really just a lucky human who is grateful to work and be friends with a lot of really smart people while trying to put a dent in the universe, and writing run-on sentences.

If you're looking for a more clear professional history, that's what LinkedIn is for.