Another month down, another experiment completed. As part of my #12experiments, I went sober for the month of May and I’m happy to say I hit this goal 100%.** In addition, I decided alcohol-free wasn’t hard enough, so I dropped another stimulant from my life… caffeine. 

As I said before, I’ve never had an issue with alcohol and I’ve never been super hooked on caffeine, but I wanted to recalibrate and it felt good to go wholesale on liquid stimulants.

I can’t say I learned a lot in terms of perspective this month. I’ve been “the sober guy” before and not drinking caffeine doesn’t carry much societal pressure (though “coffee meetings” do take on a new meaning). 

I do, however, feel very clear-headed. I can likely attribute some of this to better sleep habits that I’ve formed, but even on days when I didn’t sleep much, I never had the hard hitting crashes in energy that I sometimes had after pulling late nights. Instead, I had lasting consistent energy levels. 

I can’t say I won’t crack a beer open (tonight, even), and I’m smart enough to know I haven’t had my last sip of caffeine (sometimes it’s just such a powerful kick for productivity), but I’m really happy to have had this time to reset. I’ll likely use caffeine much more sparingly from now on, if at all… though I do miss my afternoon espresso… We’ll see.

So, what’s next?

In June, I’m writing a handwritten letter to someone different everyday. While I love email for the speed and frequency with which I can communicate, some words are just better when written by hand, with thought and care. Plus, remember how awesome it is to receive something good in the mail? Well, that’s what I want to do and I have a list of people who are getting letters next month.

Expected challenges: Remembering how to actually write. Hand cramps. Licking stamps. Dealing with the post office. 

Expected rewards: Smiles.

While simple in design, this one actually seems really challenging. The next 30 days will tell.

I’d tell you to keep an eye on your mailbox, but I have a feeling that most of people I’m writing letters to don’t really use the internet, let alone read my blog. 

** OK. 99%. I had ONE small beer, at the strong urging of my teammates, in honor of Carrol Shelby’s passing and I tasted coffee ice cream once (not realizing there was caffeine in there), but it was the best coffee ice cream I’ve ever had.