This morning, I woke up at 7AM, despite the fact that I went to bed at 3AM. It reminded me that my goal of waking up at 7AM everyday in January must have stuck… which reminded me it’s time for an update on my #12experiments.

For January, I said I would:

Wake up @ same time everyday. I don’t have an issue with sleeping too late. I hate sleeping too much. I have an issue with not going to bed. So the goal is to wake up by 7AM everyday. I can wake up earlier if I want (especially if I get to bed earlier), but the hope is to avoid the late, late nights.

Blog daily. I’m a sporadic blogger, despite how much I enjoy it, so this is a commitment to be more consistent. 

Surprisingly, I was pretty good about waking up everyday at 7AM. I didn’t necessarily go to bed super early every night, and I did sleep past 7 a couple days (much needed recovery sleep after CES, but c'mon… redeye flights, work, C.E.S!), but overall I’m happy with the results ehre.

Blogging daily, on the other hand, was tougher than I thought (again, CES threw a big wrench in things here… also, Tumblr’s “publish on” feature kinda sucks but oh well). Technically, I posted 26/31 days in January, though a few were just pics. My reserve goal was to just post 5 days/week so I was in pretty good shape.

So what happens now? Well… I’m going to keep the 7AM wake up time going as much as I can (not sure it’s a choice anymore!) and I’m going to shoot to blog ~3 days a week because I’ve still got a lot to say. ;)

As for February’s experiment… 

No inbound meetings. I admit, this one is a little selfish, but I need the time to focus. I get asked for advice/help/catch-up meetings a lot and while I actually enjoy them (I love people and I want to help everyone), they can be a real time-suck. So if you ask for a meeting in February, just realize when I say “no,” it’s not you, it’s me. :)