New month. New experiment. This April, I’m a vegetarian (and no, this is not an April’s Fool’s prank). 

The timing is perfect as March has been a crazy month on the road enjoying local treats like Fried Chicken Waffle Tacos (Austin, TX)… 


…or this traditional German dish (hash-browns, COVERED in cheese and bacon - Switzerland).

So my body is certainly ready to forgo fatty flesh for a while, but I’ve been curious about vegetarianism for a long time so I’m excited to take a crack at it.

Why? Partly because PETA used to visit campus and make me rethink everything I eat. Partly because the environmental impact of producing meat is MASSIVE. And partly just because I have a lot of friends who have gone vegetarian who say they’ve never felt better.

The plan is not to just eat grilled cheese and cereal for the month, but to actually find fulfilling meals from other sources. So I’ve stocked up on all sorts of veggies and, yes, tofu…


And to be clear, I am not going vegan, just vegetarian - no flesh - but I imagine that will be challenging enough. I mean, I’m not a huge meat eater - sure I clearly like burgers and BBQ and bacon - but my daily protein is usually turkey/chicken/fish and I think it’ll be tough to replace these sources of protein without some thought and/or planning. We’ll see.