I turned 27 this past weekend.  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes.

And after living in NYC for over 2 years, I finally got my parents to visit - which was my mom’s first trip to NYC… ever.  Yes… really.

We lucked out on the weather and spent a lot of time outside in SoHo, the West Village, on the Highline, Central Park, etc. and hit up a couple ‘chef’s’ restaurants (my dad’s a chef by trade).

Other highlights include:

- A few games of intense pickup basketball with Dan, Joe, Nick and a bunch of scrappy punks at Stuytown.  I’ve got skinned knees and elbows from laying out for rebounds and I love it.

- Meeting up with 4 of my closest friends - Dan, Joe, Matt and Mark - for a couple beers.  Doesn’t matter where we are, we have fun together.   I love these guys.   

- Talking to Mark Suster on the phone for a bit.  I have a ton of respect for him as an entrepreneur and it was great to connect in a solid conversation about HomeField.  Thanks Mark!

- Dinner at SD26 thanks to Daisy’s connections with Massimo Vignelli whom I was able to meet, too.  Very cool place, excellent food and service.  If you’re a baller or have parents willing to foot the bill, try it!

- First game of the year for my NYAC lacrosse team.  We won 21-3 I think.  I’ll take it. ;)

- Allen Morgan making intros to tons of great entrepreneurs, investors and the like.  In a matter of 24 hours, I’d lined up meetings with some excellent people who I’m excited to meet.  Thank you Allen!

- Seeing the premier of “The Startup” - a mini documentary on my startup featured on NYC 3.0.  It’s great to see the finished product after almost 5 months of filming.  If you’ve got some time and/or interest in startups, it’s worth watching.  Hopefully it’s back up - all the traffic yesterday crashed the site!  Nice work Alex and Vadim.

Great weekend with lots of my favorite people.  Thanks all!