I was standing in my parents’ basement a.k.a. my bedroom with Dan and Joe and we were huddled around my laptop trying to figure out if we should incorporate as a C-corp or an LLC, if our corporate entity should be Overtime Media Inc. or just Overtime Media… if we needed a registered agent or a… ? Wait… what is a registered agent anyway?

We’d been toying around with our idea for months… years, really, but that was the official start… totally unsexy. Totally anti-climactic. Just the click of a mouse and we were “a company.”

I started crashing with Dan and Joe on their couch in NYC. Joe and I took a trip to a customer convention and started pitching our product… of course, we didn’t have a product. Hell, we didn’t even have a single line of code written. We just told everyone about it and did what we now know as “customer development.” A month later I was living in NYC, Dan and Joe quit their jobs and a year later we had real users and paying customers. 

Fast forward through the hardships of boot-strapping in NYC, tons of learning and lots of laughs and our first business is still growing today. It’s not our day to day focus as Dan and I have moved onto Shelby while Joe takes Overtime Media in a new direction, but I think we’re all very grateful for the experience of our first business. It wasn’t always easy, but we had each other and that made all the difference.

Together, we learned. We grew. We met amazing people. We got more hands-on experience in a couple years than we would have anywhere else. Dan, Joe - thanks for that experience. 

And, thank you Overtime Media, Inc., for employing me, for teaching me, for bringing me into this crazy world of entrepreneurship. I’m hooked for life and I’m ruined for any other “job.”

And I’m pretty happy about that. 

P.S. - For old time’s sake… here’s some comic gold from a couple years ago.