Game on.


“Your people are your most important asset.”

“Business is about people.”

“Invest in people.”

We’ve all heard it 1000 times. With that in mind, we only want to work with great people, be it our team, our partners, or our investors.

At Shelby, our investors — Rich Levandov and Brady Bohrmann of Avalon Ventures, along with a great group of angels — have been exactly the right guys to have on our side, which is why we are very happy to announce that we have closed a second round of funding with them totaling $2.2M.

While much of what we have accomplished is not yet public-facing, we have made a ton of technical progress in the past year and this round allows us to stay focused and continue to build upon our vision for video discovery.

We could not be more excited about the team we have put together, the product we are developing, and the opportunity ahead of us. For now, we will still expect nothing, earn everything, and get back to building…