Last night at the NYTM, Dan, Henry, and I got on stage to launch some cool products that demonstrate how we envision the future of video, both of which put individuals in control of their experience.

When we first told Fred about, he immediately asked if someday he could have So we are really excited to finally launch His .tv is a public URL for anyone to see, it’s powered by Shelby, and it pulls all the video he shares on, as well as shares to Tumblr and Twitter, into one leanback “TV” experience. If you want to learn about entrepreneurship, venture capital, or startups in general, is a great channel to watch. image

Fred wrote more about it on his blog this morning which I encourage you to read as well. Thanks Fred. Psyched to finally deliver!

Once we started working on .tv’s, we realized we had the ability to create a TV experience out of any webpage with video.** So Henry built a great proof of concept at Here are a couple great examples.

The Periodic Table of Videos is a great blog full of video, but the viewing experience is crap. See it for yourself here: Now, go to Experience and hit “Launch” to see how Shelby gives you a “TV” experience for all that great content.





Here’s another example, this time from the awesome community at Reddit. Here, a bunch of Redditors are sharing favorite videos from Hulu. It looks like this. 


Throw that into and you’ve got a seamless, lean-back channel of great video. 


This is just a proof of concept, but is a great demonstration of how we think about video and where we’re going with Shelby. Try out and and let us know what you think.

**Technical disclaimer: “Experience” currently only works with static pages, not dynamically loaded pages like YouTube. 

So excited about Hit me up if you want your own .tv!