so. freaking. excited.


When we initially thought of, we knew at least one thing… that tablets, the iPad in particular, are a complete game-changer for video consumption. Which is why I am very proud to announce the release of a native iOS Shelby application for the iPad and the iPhone!

We’d love for you to go download the app from the app store and y’know… a 5-star rating would be cool, too. ;)

With this announcement, we are also taking Shelby out of “private alpha” and releasing a public beta. Which means whether or not you’ve been waiting for an invite, you can check out on the web right now.

With your feedback, we’ve worked really hard to improve the speed, performance and overall user experience of Shelby on the web, and translated that into robust iOS apps. The best part is that the web and iOS apps work really well together with the Shelby bookmarklet - allowing you to save videos to watch later at your convenience.

I’m not going to list all of the great features here… COUGH - deduplication! - AHEM… excuse me… but we will blog about those features here, so follow us to learn more or you can watch this great demo video done by Mark…

Finally, we just want to say thank you. Building Shelby has been a dream so far. We are really grateful for all of your feedback, ideas, and support and we hope you like this, our first real release of