awesome vid… was so much fun. can’t wait to do this again… thanks again to everyone who came out and participated and stay tuned for the next one!



As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting and celebrating innovation, NASDAQ has hosted a series of hackathons demonstrating what clever developers can create given 24-hours and the latest technological advances. You may have already seen our recap of Photo Hack Day. What you see above is a glimpse at Video Hack Day, hosted by our friends at With 80 teams competing, the winner was Terminator Vision, which equips the user with the famous cyborg’s eyesight. Very cool.

If there are two things we love, it’s hacking and video. That’s why we put together this past fall, with the help of our wonderful sponsors, NASDAQ, Pepsi,, Boxee, and Twilio. We can’t express enough how fantastic it was to work with them. This gorgeous recap was created by our friends at NASDAQ, and only makes us even more excited to plan another video hackathon this spring. Until then, check out this year’s winning app, Terminator Vision.