Reluctantly, I just bought a new backpack.

I say reluctantly, because I LOVED my backpack. Sure, it was the perfect size, fit, functionality… but what I really loved was that it was six years old and had literally traveled around the world with me. It’s not the memories I’m in love with - it’s the fact that it was built to last.

In a world of products - particularly tech products - that are obsolete after a year, it is a wonderful thing to have well-crafted goods that go the distance.

This backpack was given to me in 2006 by my buddy Pat, as a present before I traipsed around the globe. It survived 20+ countries, life in LA, Massachusetts, numerous surf/snow journeys, years in NYC featuring sweaty runs over the Williamsburg bridge to TechStars and speedy runs across Manhattan for meetings. 

Burton - awesome job and thanks.