This morning I called my mom to wish her a happy birthday. She responded by running her latest business idea by me.

While it certainly wasn’t what I expected out of our call, I absolutely love her for it. 

See… this new idea, would be the sixth (6th!) business she and my dad start (and for the record, all have been successful). 

But I’m not talking about web startups or tech companies here. I’m talking about a catering business, two restaurants, a flower shop etc. These businesses get forgotten when we, in the startup world, talk about entrepreneurship, but they are cornerstones of Main Street, America. 

And while my parents’ businesses and my companies are so very different, they are also very similar. When I talk about building trust among my team and managing the ups and downs, my parents completely understand. When I mention the risky choices we have to make, they don’t need to understand the technology to comprehend the weight of our decisions. 

So while I can’t say that this is my secret sauce as a founder, I can say it really helps to have a family who knows what it’s like to be in my shoes and supports my crazy dreams. 

Thanks mom (and dad!) for inspiring me to chase them.

[p.s. my mom will probably kill me for writing this]