Digging this track today…


Free Energy - “Dream City”

My name is Mitchell London, and I’m new to the Tuneage gang (Tunegange?).  First, a little about me:  I have two solo dance moves.  Exactly two - the “Reach Up at the Sky and Pull Down Fiercely” and the “Very Excited Stationary Jogger.”  When I try to push the boundaries, incorporate a new move - something, say, lateral instead of vertical - I abandon it in less than four bars and retire to the corner of the party, head hung in shame.

Fortunately, there are a few songs out there that accommodate - nay, are meant for - my hyperkinetic prancing.  “Dream City” is one.  The opening power chords are a statement of purpose; they let the listener know exactly where Free Energy is coming from. 1974.  If the forces of punk, rap, dance, or irony have ever registered on the Free Energy radar, they certainly don’t show it here.  Instead, they dabble in the simplest expressions of joy - handclaps, “Wooooo woooo woooooo” bridge harmonies, lyrics about stars, Rhodes Piano chorus breakdowns.  If you’re not jogging in place after that post-chorus snare hit or clutching at the empty sky during the sax solo, you’ve clicked the wrong play button.