Yesterday, my friend and biz partner Joe said to me:

“You may be the closest person to [Teddy] Roosevelt I know.  He just didn’t tolerate incompetent people whatsoever.”  

Teddy RooseveltJoe’s reading a book on Teddy right now.  We sort of revere the guy because he was a total badass, and I took Joe’s remark as a compliment.

I think I learned this from my parents.  Entrepreneurs themselves, they’ve worked long and hard to be successful in the restaurant business and they expect the best out of everyone around them - be it employees, partners, vendors, etc.  

A quick example.  One day, twenty-odd years ago my mother had an incident with a Miller beer deliveryman.  He used that one infamous word that is guaranteed to cause a problem (Hint: it starts with a “C”).  

Well since that day, my parents have never sold a single Miller product in our restaurants.  

Extreme?  Yup… and I love it.

I operate similarly.  I have extremely low tolerance for poor writing.  I expect 100% attention in meetings.  I want the best of the best in people and nothing less.

Does this make me a snob?  I don’t think so.  It’s about having high standards and surrounding yourself with people of similar ilk.  

And if you want a laugh, here’s the relevant conversation with Joe…

Me: …and I just don’t f$#%*@g understand this #$*&^@&*  "wondered if we might organize an intro…“ in an email in which he added the dude he wants to intro already.

Joe: You may be the closest person to Roosevelt I know.  He just didn’t tolerate incompetent people whatsoever. 

Me: That is probably the greatest compliment you’ve ever given me 

Joe: Yea, I would love to have someone say that about me.

Me: Well thanks man. I really appreciate it… Even if it means I’m an intolerant asshole.  ;)  

…this jerk even spelled my f$#%*@g name wrong!