1. is getting married.
  2. is currently living on a peach farm near Macon, Georgia with his parents.
  3. mixes his songs at night when his parents go to bed.
  4. started producing his Washed Out songs only a few months ago.
Sometimes I just love the internet because it can truly act as a great equalizer, at least in terms of music. First there was Memory Tapes and now Washed Out, two musicians essentially making material, sharing it with the world, and getting praise. The stream of revenue is obviously nowhere on par with working with a major label, but it’s certainly inspiring that other stuff can get out there, that people living in various environments can make music that I can rock out to in Chicago, or you can rock out to in Canada, or Australia, or France. I mean, that’s pretty fantastic, even revolutionary.

Pretty cool.  I Tumbld one of his songs here.