Ask and ye shall receive… super-dope Video Radar extension for Chrome, brought to you by

I know I’m biased here, but we’ve been testing this extension internally for a while and it’s seriously a game changer for watching videos. Any time I hit a page with video that the Radar accepts, the Shelby tab is there… if I have a minute to watch it, I can watch it there, hit “like” and go on my merry way…

But more often, I just hit “watch later” to queue it up for my iPad or iPhone… so smooth.

Give it an install and let us know what you think!


It’s no secret that Shelby loves Chrome, which is why we’re suuuuuuuuuper excited about the brand-spanking-new Video Radar for the Google Chrome browser.

>Oh muh gawwwww tell me more!

Once installed, the Video Radar finds videos on any web page and places a tab next to them. Directly from that tab, you can save a video to watch later, favorite, or launch in

>But what if there are, like, 7 videos on one web page?

Let’s say you’re reading your favorite blog, checking out a round-up of every Nick Cage giggling clip ever. (Bear with me.) You might not have time to watch all those videos at once—but no worries! The Video Radar can detect multiple videos, which means you could save them all to your Watch Later queue without leaving the page. A number will appear on the extension icon specifying how many videos are recognized. 

>That’s amazing! What else?

What more do you want? This thing is awesome. And unlike some extensions, the Video Radar is super lightweight, which means it won’t slow down your system.

>Oh happy day!

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