Any of you who follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook have seen me sharing videos from Shelby for a while now. Sometimes I’ll share four and five videos to Twitter in a row and I admit… I feel a little spammy doing it, which is why I’m excited that we’ve integrated with Facebook’s Open Graph to make sharing Shelby videos a little more lightweight. 

Hope you dig it, too! ;)

shelbytv: is powered by your friends for a reason: because videos are more meaningful when they’ve been recommended by people who matter to you. Better Facebook integration means better video discovery, more relevant and enjoyable content, and lots of serendipity. 

(Serendipity! Why, I LOVE serendipity!)

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce an awesome new feature to! Starting today, you can share your favorite videos to Facebook like never before, making it easy for your friends to discover the videos you’re already enjoying. 

(OMG this is like the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me!)

As shown below, if one of your friends using the app watches or favorites a video you’re interested in, you’ll be able to launch that video with just one click from the ticker, their timeline, or your news feed.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhh the crowd goes wild ahhhhhhhh]

Your recent activity will be aggregated on your timeline like this:

And if you click past that point, you’ll be able to see your all time history. One of the fun things about posting activity to your timeline is that you can always look up a video you forgot to favorite, or look back at what you were watching one month ago, two months ago, forever ago! 

(Holy moly that sounds nostalgia-inducing and amazing! I’m going to try it right now!)

You can decide what activity is shared with whom, and can always remove posts directly from your timeline, or edit your sharing settings at any time. The next time you sign into, you’ll be prompted to activate Facebook sharing. Your choice will be signified by a colored bar under the Facebook icon in the upper-right corner, and you can toggle sharing on or off as desired. 

We’re really excited to roll out these changes, and we hope you enjoy the improved experience on Facebook. Get started »