Just when you think Lauren couldn’t get any more excited about new Shelby features, she announces the Videoverse with an epic, intergalactic graphic… I love it.

I also love being able to search for videos from within Shelby. Right now it’s just for YouTube (can’t wait for Vimeo support), but let’s face it… YouTube’s kind of a big deal.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of “Feature Week” here at Shelby and more importantly, I hope you enjoy Shelby as your home for video. Hit us up with feedback anytime.


Man has always had a need for speed, longed to discover that which is unimaginable, and desired to reach into the deepest regions of the Videoverse. Now, all that which was unthinkable has been realized. 

Now, you can  

(Say it to yourself in a booming voice. Pretty cool, huh?)

Shelby was already incredible when she pulled in videos from your social networks, but now all of YouTube is yours for the taking. (Additional platforms will be integrated soon!) Type any search into the Videoverse bar, and Shelby will immediately find all relevant results from your queues, and stack them on top of search results from YouTube. If you begin watching an item from the Videoverse, it will be jumped into your Timeline queue, and from there you can favorite a video, save it for later, or share. 

>OK. You’re making API calls to YouTube. So what?

So what?! So, THE VIDEOVERSE. You can find and watch millions of videos without having to click around to different websites or social networks. Shelby (like a crazy beautiful Pokémon) has evolved into a video fortress. DO YOU GET HOW AWESOME THIS IS? You can watch and save all your favorite videos in one place!

>Holy macaroni! Mind=blown!

I know, right?! You’re welcome. You’re so so welcome. 

>What now?

Go exploring. And try not to hurt yourself. There’s a lot of awesome waiting for you.