Welcome to Tumblr, @JoeYevoli.  Only thing I’d point out about Joe, and this is the most important part of this development, is that he didn’t always say “yes.”  He used to say “no.”  I like ‘Joe Yes’ much better.


Just trying to start this off, so I’ll post a quick message.  While I was staying at Reece Pacheco’s (Overtime Media CEO) house in Cape Cod for a few weeks in July, I was made aware of something about myself.  The Pacheco’s do a wide variety of things I’ve never done before.  Be it the food they eat, the way they cook, the activities they participate in, etc.

Reece made me aware of the fact that I, for the most part, say “yes” to everything with little hesitation.

Reece:  ”Joe do you want dried cranberries in your salad?”

Joe:  ”Well, I’ve never had any before… so yes.”

Reece:  ”Wanna try paddle boarding?”

Joe:  ”Never heard of it… absolutely.”

Reece:  ”Hey I’m gonna run a triathlon, wanna join?”

Joe:  (I can barely swim) “Yea, definitely.”

My point being, one of the best way to develop yourself is to have a wealth of experiences.  You can’t experience things if you don’t learn to say “yes” more often than not.  If I can quote Jay-Z (this songs playing on my iTunes right now):

“I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of not trying.  Everyday, hit every wave like I’m Hawaiian.”

I learned this a little later than most, but hey, better late then never.