Last fall I caught up with my friend Sam Rosen. He was struggling a bit - pitching an idea without a technical cofounder, trying to learn to code himself, and generally not sure whether he should keep going or take one of the other cool opportunities coming his way.

While his idea was solid, he didn’t have a prototype to show for it. He had the hustle, just no technical support. My advice was to get his prototype built no matter what. "Yeah but you’ve got Dan.“ Sam Said.

He’s right. I met Dan - our CTO - in college and we’ve been working together ever since. Finding a technical cofounder has never been an issue for me.

I didn’t care. Sam’s an athlete who was just in a rut. Tough-love was the antidote. "Get. Your prototype. Built. Now.” I repeated. Or as he said in this WeAreNYTech feature (a huge compliment. Thanks Sam)…

One day I met a friend, Reece Pacheco, for coffee and he gave me a much needed Jim Valvano-esque pep talk. He just implored getting to an MVP.

Fast forward to today and Sam’s been picked up by Dave McClure’s 500 Startups! I’m so stoked for him and SpeakerGram.

I knew he had the passion and drive to get it done - after all, I heard Sam once chased Tim Ferris into a cab to pitch him. So let this be a lesson to all of you with an idea… find a way to get it done!

It doesn’t have to be perfect - it really shouldn’t be anyway - but if you want to build something… JFDI