Last week, we hosted our first company hackathon, a.k.a. #hackShelby. The rules? Minimal. The results? Amazing. [Click through the slideshow above to see some pics.]

Doors officially opened at 7am Thursday morning, and right away teams got down to work. Brendan fueled everyone up with breakfast and a steady stream of coffee, and soon the energetic hum of creativity was palpable.

Almost everyone came into #hackShelby ready with ideas. We’re all smart, creative people, so ideas are plentiful around here, and often, we hack stuff up on the fly, but having two dedicated days with no other distractions, and a hard stop at 5pm Friday for demos made for an awesomely productive environment.

I won’t bore you with the detailed play-by-play. Instead, here are the teams, their hacks, and the results…

  • “Shelby Cam” byArthur - “Shelby Cam is an iPhone app that lets you record yourself and the world around you, and submit your creations to your personal Shelby roll with a Shelby.tv watermark.” 
  • “Shelby.tv Remote” by Henry, Chris, Vincent - “We built a launcher designed to simplify the Shelby.tv 10ft experience. And of course no TV channel can live without a remote! Shelby.tv Remote lets you change channels, skip videos, and even search for videos to throw up on your TV from your phone, tablet or computer!”
  • “Pop-up Shelby” by Josh, Mike - “Pop-up Shelby lets you add popup annotations to key moments of any video on your Shelby Roll while you are watching it, so you can display extra information or personal commentary when the video is shared.”
  • “Shelby Chat” by Dan - “Some conversations about video are better kept in your pocket.  Shelby Chat = texting + YouTube + privacy (in an iPhone app).”
  • “Shelby Studios” by Reece, Brendan - “We love video. Why not make our own? Shelby Studios installed a green screen, a blackboard, and a light kit so we can shoot our own videos, from product announcements to ping pong in space. And while we were at it, we cleaned up the office, too.”

At 5pm Friday, it was hands up, beers open, and to celebrate all the great work, we had some of our close friends here to enjoy the demos. To pick a winner, Every Shelby team member had 10 points to distribute however they pleased. For example, you could give 2 points to each hack, or all 10 points to one hack. In the end, every hack did well, but Pop-up Shelby won by a solid margin.

Here are the big winners post victory… 

We all loved the format, and are now committed to #hackShelby quarterly. Stay tuned!

If it isn’t super clear, I work with some really smart, creative people, and we do some fun stuff. Psyched about the results from #hackShelby and can’t wait for the next one.