This quote recently came through my inbox via a fellow entrepreneur.

“Disruptive technologies do not immediately replace existing technologies because they are better.  In fact, in the beginning, they are worse.  They’re just simpler, cheaper, and more convenient.  They appeal to the low end of the market (in this case, netbooks), which doesn’t need all the bells and whistles that the high-end needs.  They initially gain share in the low end, and the incumbent doesn’t care about losing it because it’s low-margin share.  But then…  the disruptive products get better and more fully featured and they begin to migrate up to the mid-market.  And the incumbent is forced to retreat to the high-margin high-end.  And then, eventually, the disruptive product becomes mass market and the incumbent becomes a rickety old colossus that crashes in on itself.” -From TechTicker by Henry Blodget

In the past few days, @JoeYevoli and I have really been brainstorming around our product, HomeField.  We have a lot of great users who love our service already, but there are still a lot of coaches sitting on the sidelines, afraid and/or unaware of HomeField can positively impact their life as coaches, and the lives of their players.  If Joe has his way, he’ll go to every national coaches’ convention and just say, “This is HomeField.  This is what it does.  Give me one reason why you wouldn’t use it?”

But this quote has a lot to do with it.  We believe we’ve tapped into a market that is rife with over-engineered junk, rooted in hardware that coaches shouldn’t have to deal with.  We believe the future is in the cloud and sports media needs to get moving.  The players are thirsty for video, coaches need to cut costs but keep up with player demand, administrators need to keep track of all this media, fans want to see it on their phones…

Yeah, HomeField is simple.  Like, stupid simple.  No unnecessary editing tools, no file format restrictions - we stripped it down to the bare bones, but it does what it needs to do, and it’s awesome at it.  Is it a different behavior than usual - putting video online?  Yes.  But is it more efficient, and more powerful?  Yes.

So, really give me one reason why you wouldn’t use HomeField?

Update: @JoeYevoli claims the quote above is a direct bite from Seth Godin. Re-reading it, I certainly agree.  It’s got Purple Cow written all over it.  We’re trying to figure it out, but we want to make sure we give credit where credit’s due - especially because Godin is the man.