Honestly, what an amazing event. Even just applying [to @TechStars] is like getting into a special club. I had a chance to meet some truly amazing people that would be tough to meet otherwise…and that’s just part of the application process!

Quote from a founder who emailed me after TechStars For A Day. I remember thinking the same thing when we were going through the application process.

That’s because applying is a great exercise for you to think through your product and refine your pitch and I’ve been hearing this from lots of applicants lately - people who have already learned a ton from meeting the alums, hearing the mentors and the Davids do their thing.  

Furthermore, it’s just great to meet lots of fun, exciting startups and hear what everyone’s working on.

Applications are due Thursday. Get your shit together and apply.

Bonus tip: Pay attention kids - we’re all in this game together and chances are good we’re going to be working together soon. Look around and find your teammates for the next one…