I just watched this presentation by Mike Maples (I forget who shared it originally, but thank you).

In it, Mike discusses the oh-so-topical “pivot” that the best companies - the “thunderlizards” as he calls them - must make in order to find a great business model.

It’s worth watching, at the very least for its entertainment factor with stories of the early days at Twitter and Chegg, but I’m curious how many other entrepreneurs and investors - particularly angels - out there agree with Mike’s theory that unless you’ve invested in one of the alleged 15 or so thunderlizards created a year, that you’re not going to last in the game.

What do you think? Is it only worth playing the game if you’re building a $500 million dollar monster?  Or can so called “dipshit” companies make a return for entrepreneurs and investors alike?

Thing is, when it comes down to it… don’t most thunderlizards have to start as dipshits to begin with and pivot before they conquer the world?