I think that we are necessarily moving toward a geek culture. The health of our society is going to rely on information technology. It’s going to rely on a familiarity with math and science and technology. Geekery in general is founded on questioning and proof via analysis of the actual world and not the world as we wish it to be. By contrast, jockdom — not sports — jock culture proceeds from a certainty you create in your mind: ‘My town is the best because the incredibly wealthy owners decided to keep the team for now.’ Or, ‘My political team is the best because it was my dad’s and they best stoke my primitive fears,’ as opposed to ‘They have the best policies for me and my family.’

Jockdom is very noble. It’s not deliberative. It’s certainly the best way to win wars. It’s the best way to motivate teams of people to fulfill a goal — not just war, but getting things done. The most important way to motivate a factory floor. But as you know, we’re not as much of a manufacturing society as we were before. China and other big industrial nations are rewarding their nerds and technicians rather than creating a culture that makes fun of them — it would be wise for us to embrace the book-smart as much as our culture has traditionally embraced the street-smart, the jock-smart. I’m not saying nerds must have their revenge; I’m just saying the time for wedgies is at an end.

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Interesting quote - while I don’t think of myself as a geek or a jock, I know that I am.  Among real geeks I’m a jock, and among real jocks I’m a geek.  For me, it’s win-win.

My jockish tendencies give me competitive fire and a bullish nature to get work done and say “my town is the best” while my geek tendencies help me figure out the logical reasons why “my town is the best” and how I can make it better.