I want you to know that a couple of nights ago I had a pretty wild dream: I was at techstars demo day nervous with anticipation for you guys to present. It was kind of like one of those college anxiety dreams people talk about where you show up at the final for a class that you’re just realizing you’ve never gone to. It was terrifying.

Then you guys rose like a phoenix onto the stage and crushed it. It was epic. That’s when I realized that I hadn’t prepared for demo day because it wasn’t my dream, it was yours.

To see what you guys are doing with Shelby is absolutely awesome. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Charge the field and give them hell.

i got this via email from a really good friend, and fellow entrepreneur. he, and his company, are badasses and it means a lot to have their support.

but this is just one example of the many texts, tweets and emails of support I’ve received and I just want to say thanks to all… this adventure in startups/entrepreneurship/TechStars is phenomenal - with super highs and super lows - and i’m so grateful to have a great community of friends rooting us on.

thanks guys. here goes!