Meet Shelby.: Rewarding Work

If you haven’t tried give it a whirl.  These folks have the right idea.  Playlists [aka ‘A Video Stream’] is the future of the TV experience.

A few years ago at a party this dude from Sweden tells me the future of the music industry is playlists.  I didn’t get it fully.. or at least I was too distracted to digest it.  Now Spotify is the new model. Free playlists accessible from anywhere.  Point being.. it happened in the music industry, it can happen in TV industry. currently takes the video content from friends & the folks you follow & puts it all in a nice [passively digestible] stream.  Hot!  How efficient is that?! At the end of your day you can plop down and watch 10-20+minutes of the most important videos to you [business & personal.]   With so many streaming video services out there that involve clicking, searching, & trying to find the titles you want or what your friends have posted online.. wouldn’t you like a site that just does it all for you and puts it in a stream that you can watch as soon as you flip on the TV [or webpage]?? adds value.. it saves time, and allows you to very effectively curate your content.  It’s a service that could quietly be making a run at being the go-to folks for all social video [and if their ambitious.. Movies, Shows, as well.]  

In terms of audience reception for content.. A microchip implanted in your brain is the only thing more simple than a streaming internet DVR list that constantly updates itself with the content you love.   That’s a sign they have the right idea.

Not everyone understands our vision for Shelby, but when they do, and when they articulate it as well as Barry has done here, I can’t help but smile. 

Thanks @barrybangs. Excited to have you. Give us time to work on the microchip.