So excited to show this off to the world. Team kicked ass in getting TouchPlay out the door for CES. If you’ve got an iOS device and an Apple TV, give it a try… and if you don’t, come over to our office sometime. ;)

…and here are some really nice write-ups in TechCrunchMashable and BetaBeat! Thanks all!


Next week, team Shelby is headed to CES.  I know what you’re thinking, why would a tiny startup head to one of the biggest consumer electronics shows in the world, especially when Apple has already won CES?

It all started when we won a booth at CES this past summer as part of a competition here in NYC.  Ever since releasing our iPad app this past October, we’ve been obsessed with making the Shelby experience on tablet as compelling and addictive as our web app. That’s why we didn’t stop at simply integrating standard AirPlay functions. We decided to take advantage of iOS Mirroring functionality (something that many iOS apps treat as an afterthought) and build something even more compelling. Next week at CES, we’ll be showcasing an awesome new experience for our iPad users, something we’re calling TouchPlay

To activate TouchPlay, turn on AirPlay with Mirroring in your iPad settings and when you launch the Shelby app, you’ll be greeted with gorgeous full screen video on your TV that has that familiar Shelby look and feel.  We’ve also added a gesture remote, which turns your iPad into a no-look controller so you can kick back and fully enjoy what you’re watching. Check out this quick filmed-at-2AM demo of what it looks like below:

We’re really excited about what’s possible with Apple’s Mirroring technology and where we think more companies will be focusing attention as Apple gets closer to releasing a full-fledged TV experience.  The marriage of the iPad and the TV is creating some amazing opportunities for dual-screen viewing and interaction; this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Can’t wait to get your hands on this new feature? You won’t have to wait long, look for it in the App store soon.  


Note: The full functionality of the gesture remote and mirroring mode require iOS 5 on iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.  Other iOS devices (older iPads and iPhones) will still work with regular Shelby Airplay functionality.