It’s a known risk… But the odds against it are pretty good, especially when compared to the rewards of being an astronaut, so they’re willing to take the chance. In fact, they FIGHT for it… as would a lot of us. But getting the public to buy this is a lot tougher, especially a public that expects every risk in their lives to be mitigatable to zero. It will be interesting to see if NASA tries to take on this challenge, explaining to the public that doing bold things isn’t about engineering risk to zero. Shit happens, and if we just want to restrict ourselves to things where shit can’t happen… we’re not going to do anything very interesting.

Dan Canin, a Lockheed test pilot on the Columbia space shuttle accident

I’m reading Deep Survival and it is filled with great quotes like this that go beyond survival situations.  I like this one as it relates to risk.

Where would we be without the risk-takers -  the explorers, the pioneers the entrepreneurs - of our society?