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Most of my life has been baptism by fire.

I remember my college coach used that term about me as a player at the end of my freshman season, saying I survived their baptism by fire as a rookie starter.

I remember my first internship interview when I had no experience in TV production, but said “I’ll do anything you need” pointed to an unfinished wall and said “I can finish painting that. I’ll learn everything on the fly.”

I remember when I told my parents my plans to drop out of Bucknell and go to Brown… “What if you don’t get in?” and then their reaction after when I told them my plans to backpack around the world and move to Australia. “What are you going to do once you’re there?” 

“I’ll figure that out as I go.”

By now, you get the point. The best way to learn is by doing it yourself. That’s why I am so excited to be involved with E[nstitute], which “is a two year apprenticeship program, empowering 15 young adults to learn from and work with the top NYC entrepreneurs.” 

There are a million things I wish I had known when we started our first company. Unfortunately, most of it isn’t stuff you can just glean from some blog… you just have to do it, but, we can share that knowledge with future entrepreneurs and push them toJFDI with us before they venture off on their own. And to be fair, we still don’t have all the answers - we’re still learning by doing ourselves - so there is plenty of new territory for an apprentice to explore with us.

To put our own spin on things, Dan and I are really excited to work together with an apprentice who wants to learn from both the CEO and CTO of a tech startup. This will be a demanding position as the apprentice will undoubtedly be pushed in all directions - not to mention the inevitable pranks that Dan and I will pull on each other with their help. ;)

Congrats to Shaila and Kane - the founders of E[nstitute] - on launching an audacious program to attack our very own assumptions of what education can be.