Stealth name: Shelby

Shelby is looking for awesome people to bust their ass on a new product that everyone will love… yes, I said it… everyone.

Who is Shelby? We’re an angel funded startup in the inaugural class of TechStars NYC. We got in doing this, but now we’re building something way more awesome.

What’s in it for you? Great learning experience from guys who have been in the game for a few years, the chance to actually build something from scratch, and exposure to tons of startups, mentors, investors etc.

How does this work? We meet you, like your work, like you, you’re hired… but, we don’t like being bosses, so you’ll largely determine how you work. Remotely is cool, but our office is cooler.

And if you do fantastic work, then maybe we’ll convince you to stick around. Just sayin’. ;)

Check out the posts below and if you fit one or all of these descriptions, get in touch, tell me who you are and generally woo us. Email

TECHNICAL - Front End Dev

Bad ass desired to hit it from the front. Opportunities to prove you’re bad ass include…

  • HTML5, CSS3 and JS development of super-high production value user interface for consuming and curating video (we’re talking James Cameron, Minority Report kind of shit)
  • Real-time presentation of analytics data (think ChartBeat)
  • Constant improvement of a demandingly elegant user experience (it needs to do heavy lifting without being noticed, and every key user (i.e. me) must smile the entire time)
  • iOS hacking to accomplish all of the above
  • Bookmarklet UI/UX to isolate and share video content from 3rd party sites


TECHNICAL - Back End Dev

Want to hit it from the back? Use Ruby & Rails to get after it…

  • Multiplexing and basic understanding of social stream (fb, twitter, email, et. la.) content: incoming and outgoing
  • Big Data collection and analysis of myriad user interaction, choices (on top of MongoDB)
  • API development for 3rd party web, tablet & tv apps (in Ruby on Rails)
  • Site agnostic integration of video services (youtube, hulu, vimeo, cnn, TED, etc.) for understanding & embedding of content


NON-TECHNICAL - UX/Customer Development Manager

Want to do some hands on customer development? Meet tons of new people while conducting product testing…

  • Sourcing and connecting with potential users
  • Testing product hypotheses in person
  • …Then developing new hypotheses ;)
  • Recording customer feedback and reporting this to the team
  • Hands on product development/UX input to build an amazing product


NON-TECHNICAL - Marketing Manager

Social media maven/expert/ninja? Whatever you call yourself, come do what you do and get the word out.

  • Developing social media strategy around Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else all the cool kids are hanging online these days.
  • Maintaining the “voice” of the company/product
  • Hands on product input re: social media hooks
  • Identifying potential launch/social media events (online and offline) and a strategy around them
  • Designing some cool schwag. Everyone loves schwag. Gotta have schwag.