We recently settled on a logo for shelby.tv and we’re thinking about biz cards, t-shirts, and stickers in advance of SXSW.

I’ve always prided myself on making badass business cards, so I got all excited to put on my design hat and get to work when my new buddy Chris reminded me - “dude, you’ve got Hashable.”

Duh… Pretty sweet to know I’ll have all the people I meet, organized in one spot, and I don’t have to carry around 1000 business cards to hand out and take home again. [Case in point - last night’s excellent NYXSW Demo Bake-off where I met sweet people, hashed ‘em and followed up today, sans paper].

That being said - I do think a future feature for the exciting-tidal-wave-that-is-Hashable will be custom branded #justmet emails. While I love the auto-email, the unfortunate consequence is that you lose a chance to promote your brand.

So if I could somehow insert our logo into that email, that’d be dope. You listening Hashable? Joe? Aaron? Oz? Emily? Yavo?

Now THAT being said, the flip side of this equation is that my photo is included in the Hashable #justmet email and that is excellent branding from a personal perspective. I’ve written before about the humanization of business, so maybe these Hashable people know what they’re doing after all. ;)

Regardless, I won’t have business cards at SXSW. Going green, promoting my friends’ product, whatever you want to call it… Hashable it is. I’ll focus my design efforts on some sweet T’s.