Tomorrow…err… today, I’m running the NYC Marathon (my first marathon ever).

I feel as if I should have some grand epiphany or profound statement to make, but like others, I’m pretty calm. The marathon is really just another long run… but with friends! Honestly, I’m more nervous about waking up on time and getting to the start than I am about finishing the race.

See, I’ve always (cockily) felt as though I could run a marathon without much training. Maybe not fast… but I felt I could finish it. Why? Because after a basic level of fitness and barring any major injuries etc… endurance is a mental game.

So while I’ve trained a bit for this marathon, I admit, I didn’t train as hard or as much as I usually do for most races (I’m a classic “over-trainer” and thus tried to curb it). Many of my friends did. Hell, some of them went out and ran 28 miles already, but I wanted today to be the test for me. I wanted to not worry about running my best time, but to enjoy the race, the tour of NYC, the experience of it all.

Classically, I suck at that. In a lot of races I’ve done, I want the end result - a fast finish. But in the last year or two, I’ve learned to just enjoy the ride. The longer the “race,” the more important that is… and I think distance running has helped with that.

In particular, a long run is an amazing time to do deep thinking…

One realization I had recently while running is that my sister is a greater inspiration to me than she’ll ever realize. We’re incredibly different, but also so similar and so much of what makes me, me, same or different, is her. Thanks Rebecca.

Time for me to get some rest, but one last sincere thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way, particularly those who donated to my campaign to fight cancer. P.S. - it’s not too late to donate. ;)