For the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve been living out of a bag, couch-surfing my way around NYC (with business stops in Boston, Connecticut, Baltimore, Florida and Cape Cod).

Reasons why aside, I bring it up because it’s been an interesting exercise - if only because it tests your upper limits of constant engagement and lower limits of down time.

I’ve made some really exciting new business contacts and it’s been great to crash with friends who I don’t see nearly enough, but it is somewhat taxing, as the most time I’ve had to myself, what I call “Reece-time,” was the 8 straight hours I spent in the office this past Saturday… and even then I was working online, making phone calls and generally “connected.“

It’s really important for the mind, body and soul to get some “me-time” once in a while and I’m definitely ready for it.

I don’t know how to really describe my “Reece-time,” but in essence, it’s a long chunk of unstructured time left to myself.

[Pictured: self-portrait after a solo surf session in New Zealand in 2003, on a beach that I hiked to at 4AM. Not another person for miles…]

Sometimes that means an hour-plus run in the woods or a few hours in the surf, sometimes it’s just doing laundry, or clearing out the paperwork that always accumulates in life, sometimes it’s just catching up on your reading, but the point is, it’s done solo.

We spend so much of our lives in constant contact. I’m admittedly guilty of it, as I dive deeper and deeper into my career in technology and take more and more meetings that are largely not up to me to schedule, but, I consequently cherish my “me-time” all that much more and you should, too.

2011 is going to be a big year. Classic rollercoaster ups and downs, but fun the whole way and kicking off with a great opportunity…

In the meantime I’m on a train, heading North to my truck, which will take me the ‘last mile’ home to Cape Cod and some much needed “Reece-time.”

Hope you get some “me-time” over the holidays.  Feel free to share your best me-time moments, as I think I may come back to this topic soon.

[Originally written a day ago].