Last summer, I heard about an organization called Charity: Water. Their mission is to provide clean drinking water to the billion people around the planet who don’t have access to this simple necessity.

Charity: Water started when the founder, Scott Harrison, ‘gave up’ his 31st birthday by asking his friends to donate money to build wells in Uganda.

This year, for my 28th birthday, I’m asking everyone to donate to Charity: Water with me.

Most of you know that I’ve traveled around the world. I’ve seen first-hand how hard it is to get clean water in developing nations and I want to help.

As I’m turning 28 years old, I’m asking for $28 (more if you can, less + lots of promotion if you can’t ;) from everyone I know… and all of it is going to build freshwater wells for people in developing nations.

I’ve set a goal of $2,800. If we hit that, we’ll give clean drinking water to 28 families! 28 families!

I want to make my birthday matter this year and I want to do it with the help of all of 
you. Thanks so much for participating.

You can find my Charity: Water page here

Lots of love.

p.s. - My birthday is March 20. Less than a month. Let’s do it people!

Some important notes from charity: water…
A billion people in the world are living without clean water - but how much are they really living? Millions contract deadly diseases from contaminated water. 45,000 people will die this week alone. The lucky ones won’t, but still walk hours each day to get dirty water to give to their families.

Because of charity: water’s unique model, 100% of all donations go directly to direct water projects costs, and each donation is “proved” and tracked to the village it helped when projects are complete.