I believe strongly in giving back, paying it forward and general karmic goodness. In the last year, I’ve raised money for Charity: Water and Fred’s Team and I loved it.

So when I heard my friend Matt Galligan was working on a new idea around pledging 1% of your startup equity to charity, I was all-in. When you think about it, 1% is a tiny amount, but it can make all the difference for a lot of people in need, especially when I’ve dedicated my 1% to Charity: Water - an excellent organization making real, transformational change in the developing world.

So while the jury is still out on whether Shelby.tv will IPO or even exit, I’m super excited to work towards that goal and make my 1% of nothing into a meaningful difference in the world.

What better day to commit your 1% than Black Friday? Pledge your 1% here.