My dad just sent me this video made by all the students in my middle school in my hometown. It’s a seven minute, single-take, lip-dub of “Lean On Me” featuring all the students, teachers, and a full tour of the school, and it’s meant to be an anti-bullying campaign.

I particularly love this because one of the leaders of the project was one of my 6th grade teachers, Mr. Switzer - hands down one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. If you watch the Fox Boston coverage, Mr. Switzer talks about how important it was that the students had ownership of the project… something that we really believe in here at and something I learned from him at an early age.

But there’s more! The project was part of “No Guff Week” which was started by my high school lacrosse coach, Greg Gilbert. “No Guff Week” started 12 years ago and is just a reminder to cut the crap and be positive. So awesome.

So many things to love about this video. Super proud of Falmouth. :)