Yesterday I held my first Ohours.

Using Ohours, I planned an hour when I’d be available for people to come throw around some ideas. I set 3 - 20 minute slots and was pleasantly surprised when they filled up within a day or two.

Going forward, however, I will hold 30 minute slots and hopefully figure out a way to wrap up the meetings without overlap - it’s a bit awkward having to go from one person to the next on such a tight schedule (Nate - consider that a feature request!).

I have to say - I really enjoyed meeting Kevin, Nick and Billy. Each of them is working on cool stuff and I hope I was helpful with my input. More, I hope to be kept in the loop on their progress and keep the relationship going.

So… want to riff on your ideas? I’ve already scheduled office hours for next Sunday and I’ve put a link (at right) for my Ohours profile.

I’m not super successful, nor am I even some sort of expert (yet), but I’ve been in the game long enough to have learned a lesson or two and I can at least help you avoid making the same mistakes I did. Hit me up, it’ll be fun.