UPDATE: The New York Times is in on the discussion too

The Cape Wind Project is a proposed wind farm off of Cape Cod, MA that will generate about 75% of the average electricity demand for Cape Cod, Matha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.  It would be the first of its kind.

Cape Wind

It is steeped in controversy - as many locals (including renowned politicians who ‘support the environment’) want the benefits of renewable electricity, but they don’t want giant wind turbines 'in their backyard.’

While I think the project management and some of their choices thus far are not stellar, I am generally for renewable energy and I’d rather lose a little bit of ocean real estate to ensure that my grandkids will have an ocean to swim in years from now.

That being said, I am awed - but not surprised - that the latest ploy to stop Cape Wind is an effort to protect the ocean region on behalf of the Native Americans.  They are, of course, happy to have more protected land under their jurisdiction - maybe they can build a floating casino!

My gripe here, is that Native Americans, allegedly in touch with Mother Earth and all her ailments, are against a renewable energy source.

“The Wampanoag tribes of Aquinnah and Mashpee have said for several years that the Cape Wind project would disturb their spiritual sun greetings and submerged ancestral burying grounds in Nantucket Sound.”

OK… I get it.  Millions of years ago the ocean wasn’t so high and they’ve got some long-lost cousins down there, but are they really laying claim here?

It just doesn’t add up to me.  Someone, somewhere, has to make a sacrifice in order for us to make change in the world for the better.  In this case, it’s going to be the Native Americans, the residents of the Cape & Islands and the few gulls who fly into the turbines… but it’s all for the betterment of our future.  (And we’ve got a gull problem anyway).

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