I’ve met some people who work “in digital” lately. I honestly don’t know what that means. None of them seem to be engineers. They’re usually sales people. 

I’ll give them this though, they’re always looking to buy and sell ad inventory, so they usually light up when I say I’m at a web startup…

Until I tell them we don’t run ads on HomeField.

We have real customers who pay us to use HomeField because they love it. This is news to them. This is good business to us.

On a related note, I was fortunate enough to meet with entrepreneur/investor Travis Kalanick recently. We talked about HomeField. He said if I mentioned advertising as the business model he would literally walk out the door.

I liked that.

Listen, advertising works for some properties, but there’s nothing like the ‘beautiful feeling’ of getting paid - directly from a customer - for your product.