We’ve been doing a ton of brainstorming as a team lately - whether on product ideas, feature sets or marketing strategies, we love letting ideas flow.

A natural tendency when brainstorming is to label a given idea with the name of whomever said it. ex: “Reece’s idea.”

The problem with that tactic is that it personalizes the idea and naturally creates possession and/or defensiveness around it. After all, if it’s your idea, you want it to “win,” right?

We believe in team first, so at the end of the day it doesn’t matter whose idea it was. And really, chances are the idea generator never would have gotten to their idea had it not been for the 100 other ideas thrown around first (after all, “chance favors the connected mind”).

So now when we brainstorm, any idea is immediately chalked up to “null” - our imaginary collective brainstorming partner. It’s a great way to let ideas exist without personal attachment, which truly lets them evolve for the best.

Caveat - don’t give me credit for this idea, it belongs to null.