Ok here’s episode 2 from last week. We got a little more meat as the show starts digging into the teams… let’s just get into it… 

  1. The weekly 10:10’s were definitely a lot of fun. Was awesome to have that as a way of checking up on everyone. Amazingly, despite the fact that we were all stacked on top of each other in the office, there was so much going on with every company it was hard to keep up.
  2. What internet legend would we want to meet? Dan: “I said, Al Gore… because he invented the thing.” Classic.
  3. Jason/OnSwipe saying “hide your developers, hide your designers, ‘cause we’re hiring everybody.” I think Tisch was over-sensitive there. I didn’t think for a second that they were coming after my team… and even if they did, my guys wouldn’t jump ship. We’re too tight and we love the stuff we’re building. Sorry Jason. ;)
  4. “We ARE awesome.” Ahhh Joe… simultaneously a really humble, hard working guy and yet here he is quoted as his alter ego, Bro-voli. Too funny. Were we cocky going into TechStars? Not at all. Every team was SO stacked - how the hell did we get in? Furthermore, one of the best pieces of advice we got before starting was from a good friend and mentor, Mike Duda, who said “don’t try to win TechStars.” He knew how competitive we are and it was the right advice for us to go in with open arms, not a cocky “we’re-here-to-win” attitude. Thanks Mike.
  5. Were we sure that HomeField itself is a winner? No. But were we the right team to attack the problem? Absolutely. Did we “know exactly what we’re doing?” Ehhhh… ;)
  6. “Athletes. Athletes. Athletes.” Nice editing, Bloomberg. 
  7. That panel with Howard Lindzon, Howard Morgan and Roger Ehrenberg was awesome! Those guys really are ballers. Roger’s points about relationships are so dead on. That is huge advice for young entreps.
  8. “That’s super-fucking nerd.” Gotta love Gary V soundbites. For the record, while they did pick a great quote, they neglected to show the part where Gary touched Henry’s leg. #truestory
  9. Those walking interviews are so weird.
  10. Tisch’s comment - “Reece - definite leader… I don’t know that he’s an internet visionary.” According to Tisch, he went on to say that what I am is a hustler etc, but it got cut out. I’m not insulted by it anyway - I know Tisch was speaking from a caring, if concerned, position and not maliciously. And at that point in TechStars, we were admittedly struggling a bit - did we figure it out? Yep… and that’s all that matters. 
  11. I’m on a bike!
  12. Roger - WTF? I thought you said I was “laser-focused?” Haha… such is mentor whiplash. We were groping around a bit. We had one ¾ baked product that had evolved over a couple years and we had a 2nd idea for which we hadn’t figured out the recipe yet. Such is the life of product development.
  13. Pitching to Jeff Clavier… tough criticism, but it was great to hear it. Tisch.. thanks for acting out Jeff’s point about investors turning to their phones. Jerk. ;)
  14. “The Hurricane.” Amazing nickname.
  15. Speaking of nicknames. We started calling Cohen “The Oracle,” because his advice and feedback was amazing. He never told us what to do, just told us what we needed to hear.
  16. Were we all really that arrogant? WTF Bloomberg… I mean, yeah we were excited and optimistic, but I think deep down we all stayed pretty grounded. 
  17. Even the announcer is swearing now!
  18. Me: “It’s a constant rollercoaster.” Fucking A it is… I think that word still pops in my head every 6 hours.
  19. Ok.. we saw a bit more Veri, but no Tobal?! And where’s Raoul?
  20. Gary V’s lying about not liking to learn, but talk about really, really, really, really, really, really driving home a point… annnnnd “I”m completely right.” Love it. 
  21. “OnSwipe says fuck all these meetings.” Who knows if Jason was kidding when he said that or not, but the sad part is there are a lot of teams/entrepreneurs out there (578 teams to be exact) who would’ve killed for some of the meetings they skipped.
  22. Melanie’s line about investors investing in an entrepreneur with a failed startup. Yes, true, but don’t forget kids - getting an investment is not a measure of success, it’s just another step on the road to success.
  23. Wiji’s epic Times Square hero shots! haha… so staged, so funny.
  24. We need a “tech superhero?” But we’ve got Dan!
  25. I swore. Sorry mom (and sorry to my mom’s friends who emailed her about me swearing… yes, really)! In apology, I am going to donate $25 to Charity : Water for every time I swear on the show… but I still really fucking hated being on the fence.**
  26. Fred Wilson! He’s the man. I’m very lucky to have known Fred for a few years prior to TechStars and he was supportive of us getting into the program. To then formalize our friendship with him as our mentor was phenomenal for us. He encouraged us to chase some of our bigger ideas that we were maybe wary of pursuing given our current path with HomeField.
  27. Pivot! Everyone drink!
  28. I hope we don’t go “splat.” 

So that was episode 2. Seems the show is catching on, as I keep getting messages saying “I saw you on TV!” Pretty fun to see the reaction as most people didn’t even know about the show… hell most of my friends don’t even know what TechStars is or what the hell Dan and I do on a day to day basis. Guess it takes a TV show to get through. ;)

Episode 3 tonight @9pm on Bloomberg, or online sometime tomorrow… 


**Swearing on my blog is still permitted. ;)