I’ve met a ton of VC’s. Like everything in life - some good, some bad. 

I won’t go into the details of what differentiates the good from the bad, but there is one common thing that some of the top VC’s in the game all do…

The best VC’s answer calls from their wives/families.

Fred, Brad, Mark… I’ve met with all of them recently and each has politely excused themselves for a quick moment when their loved ones called.

I respect that a ton and I suspect the care with which these guys maintain their relationships is a reason why they’re also so successful as investors - building strong relationships with good people.

So don’t let this be you just on Valentine’s Day. Yes, startups require 100% of your focus, but make time for the people you love everyday.

Note: Sure, I have no idea whether other VC’s have/haven’t ignored family calls while in meetings - I’m just saying these guys do answer and they happen to be really good at what they do.