Presenting the Consigliere Doers & Dreamers trophy, given to us by our buddy Mike Duda at lunch the other day. It’s ridiculous… and we love it (and each other apparently). 

To explain, last year Duda left his job at Deutsch to start Consigliere Brand Capital, investing and supporting innovative young companies and powerful brands. Part of that new venture is creating a space for creative “athletes” (as Duda calls us) to work on great ideas.

Duda wanted to wait until the space was ready to let anyone in, but in true startup fashion, I convinced him to just get people in the door and get started. Who cared if it wasn’t finished yet? Besides, we needed an office!

So, we were the first to move in, and (sadly), the first to move out when we got into TechStars, but we loved our time there and it’s exciting to see everything Duda has gotten going in the short time since we left.

So thanks again, Mike, and best to you and the rest of the Consig team!