ps - every time we chat I’m inspired by you to be a better person tomorrow, than I was today… so thank you for that… :)

I got this in an email from a new friend after a late night IM chat. It’s a tremendous compliment and I guess it means I’m doing something right. The truth is, this person is equally as inspiring to me and I’m grateful for our back and forth.

It reminded me of something I stumbled across recently while cleaning out my old room… 

When I finished high school, we had a ‘senior book.’ In it we had to do these fill-in-the-blanks “Things I’ll Miss Most… My Biggest Regret…" 

One was "My Ambition.” Here’s what I said…  

“to make every year of my life better than the one before”

Looking back, I’m happy with that - coming from my 18 year old self - and I think I know where it stems from.

My favorite people are the ones who are constantly striving for something… To do better things, to go better places, to be better people. You can see that in my closest friends: Matt, JohnJoe, Dan and definitely in my family.

When you surround yourself by great people, it’s easy to feel inspired on a daily basis and sometimes, you just might inspire someone else.