Last night this morning at 3AM, Joe and I wrapped up a whiteboard session on the HomeField user experience with our new startup friends Quinten and Andres. With the help of Andres, we distilled the functional experience of each of our user types down to 3 (disciplined) steps [probably more on this topic later].

Quinten was with us earlier in the week when we were whiteboarding some crazy ideas that were really scattered in terms of functionality, but as we wrapped up this time, he noted how much progress we had made in the past 4 days.

Just like sports, it all comes down to repetitions.

While bootstrapping, we’d been working remotely and thus the team wasn’t together all the time. When we were together, we didn’t have hours to spend ‘ideating.’

But finally, this week, we’ve been hammering on our ideas so frequently that we’re in a great place to start building.

If you have an idea, I really encourage you to aim for as many iterations as possible, get as far and wide as possible, then challenge yourself with some limitations and continue the cycle until you have that one, brilliant, epiphany.