What makes you kick ass on a project?  I mean, really fucking blow the doors off.  It’s motivation.  No tricks needed.  When you’re doing rewarding work and have intrinsic motivation, you will blow it out of the water.  Scott Adams wrote an interesting post on the subject…


…which I forwarded on to my team.

At Shelby, we’re not building the first personal computers or machines that can restart a human heart.  We work with video, a medium the average American spends > 33 hours/week watching.

But before video, printed word, or even spoken language we were a social species, sharing our collective knowledge around the fire.  As individuals with great technological capabilities, incredible quality of life, and so many freedoms, we owe a great deal to the rest of our species, particularly those who came before us.  Because we are social we have excelled.

The way our species tells stories is changing - for better or for worse - and we have an opportunity to lead that change.  There is no doubt that at Shelby, we can change the world.  Every single thing that each of us do will be a part of that legacy.  From an entire app, like [not yet released], to the finer features that users will only see once, like onboarding or choosing an avatar, our actions will imbue our products, our community, and our company with excellence and pride in craftsmanship.