Earlier this week, I spent two days at the Saba Summit - the annual conference for Saba, a company founded by one of my angel investors, Bobby Y. Between solid time spent with my angel, the opportunity to tell our story to an audience of 500+ people and a chance to meet Jim Collins - author of Built to Last, Good to Great, Great by Choice - the question of my attendance was a no-brainer.

On Tuesday, I got to sit in on a ‘fireside chat’ with Collins, who is a great speaker and an extremely curious individual. I haven’t yet read his latest book - Great by Choice - but I have it and am excited to get to it. I expect it will make my entrepreneur’s reading list.

Wednesday it was time to perform for me and the other entrepreneurs Bobby brought to the Summit. Nine of us got up and explained how/why we got into entrepreneurship and what it is that is driving us. As most of us in this game know, there’s no secret formula. Everyone’s motivation for starting a company or building a product is very different, yet at the same time we all shared common bonds in the pain and joy of entrepreneurship.

And really, the best part of attending was the chance to connect with other entrepreneurs, particularly from other industries such as med-tech and film. Such great people, all with fascinating stories. Here’s a list of everyone who presented:

  • Doug Imbruce, Qwiki
  • Narges Bani Asadi, Bina Technologies
  • Dr. Hossein Fakhrai-Rad, Genophen
  • Hooman Radfar, Clearspring Technologies
  • John Funge, BrightContext
  • Wedge Martin, Badgeville
  • Albert Azout, Sociocast
  • Ramin Bahrani, Noruz Films