I like to wear board-shorts when I work out (and all the time really). They’re comfortable,  when you’re done you’re ready to jump in the ocean right away, and they last forever… well, I thought they did.  

This is the result of a kettlebell workout I did in a CrossFit class. A couple swings of the ol’ kettlebells and I ripped the shorts I’ve had since high school all the way up the back. I did finish the workout though… after running out of the class holding my pants together to change!

Maybe it has something to do with my recent mayorships at Smitty’s Ice Cream and the Hole In One Donut shop?  ;-)

So, goodbye to my favorite shorts. It’s been fun - surfing New England, running in the Falmouth Road Race, hell, they even made it around the world with me…

In all seriousness though, nice work on a great product, Quiksilver. A 10 year run on a pair of shorts that I ran through the ringer is pretty awesome.


Me, favorite board shorts. Maroubra, Australia (2003).